Wilco Video Backdrop – SoCo

The South Congress (SoCo) area of Austin has been a hotspot for showing off the town’s funkiness for some time. From the upscale trendiness of the South Congress Cafe to a deer-rendering business from a different era only a couple of blocks down, from Big Top Candy to the big red phallus of the Austin Motel, from the American Graffiti of Fran’s Hamburgers to the cool of the Continental Club, this street packs a spiked punch. Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy has been known to haunt these hallows, and this video was yet another submission to the Wilco fan video contest.

To view Full Screen, roll your cursor over the video and click on the four outward arrows just to the left of the Vimeo logo.

Or click here to watch the video on the Vimeo site:

Wilco Backdrop Video – Burlesque Carousel


  1. Dude!!!!!!! You completely captured the feeling of SoCo…..thank you so much!!! I’ll be sharing this and the rest of your site with as many people as I can get in touch with….there are lots of people that are curious about what is going on down there and you were able to express it with video and sound perfectly! Great work bro…I love that we can watch and hear your art in motion.


  2. The Scoo says:

    Yo AAG, where can I get an Austin Above Ground t-shirt? That would be bitchin.
    Keep the party movin’
    Scoo in Far North Austin

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