Wilco Backdrop Video – Austin’s Bat Cow

BatCow hanging from the Congress/Ann Richards bridge is about as good of a single visual to represent Austin as I can imagine. Having it hover above Wilco as they play in the ACL theater is about as appropriate a staging for an Austin concert as any Wilco fan could dream up. Wilco is sponsoring a contest for fans from each city they are touring to submit video to be projected behind them during their concert in that town. This video strives to capture the spirit of Austin, and since it already includes a bliss dip in Barton Springs, all that is left is to Show Me Your Taco.

To view Full Screen, roll your cursor over the video and click on the four outward arrows just to the left of the Vimeo logo.

Or click here to watch the video on the Vimeo site:

Wilco Contest – Austin’s Bat Cow

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