Treasure Island Raided By Feds

Talk about poetic justice.  A whole slew of really crappy bars on and around sixth street just got raided by the feds, the Austin Chronicle reported on Thursday, March 22.  Feds Raid Sixth Street Bars for money laundering.  Apparently the owners, Hussein Ali “Mike” Yassine, his brothers Hadi and Mohammed and sister Marissa Marthe Ruales laundered over $200,000 in narcotics proceeds tracking through several of their bars.

A list of the bars effected by this raid are:  Treasure Island,  Pure Ultra Lounge, Spill on Sixth and Malaia World Lounge on East Sixth, Fuel on Trinity, Roial on West Fifth, Hyde (formerly Qua), Stack Burger Bar on West Fourth, and Kiss & Fly on Colorado.

Even if every one of these bars closed, it would not effect the live music scene in Austin because none of these venues offer up live music.

Apparently the Yassine clan was unaware of the irony of using pirates, who are notorious for illegal activity, as a theme to cover up their own illegal activity.  It’s a little like hiding your weed in plain view on the coffee table when the cops are banging on your door because you figure it’s the last place they’d look.

The Chronicle also reported that some of Yassine’s bars were purportedly gay bars, but not gay friendly.  This is the type of confusion you get when you are not really opening a bar at all but simply trying to find a place to put all of that cash you’ve stashed from selling illegal drugs.  They should have called at least one of the gay bars Santorum, to really drive home the point.

The Chronicle also noted that several ex-employees have filed a class action lawsuit against the owners for violating minimum wage requirements by not paying tipped employees.   So in addition to laundering money and being unfriendly to gays, the owners are apparently a bunch of cheap assholes.

Is it just me or do stories like this just warm your heart?   Cudos to the FBI, IRS and the Austin Police Department for cleaning up a mess on Sixth Street.  Let’s hope these allegations are true, so my biased  journalism is not called into question.  And as a final note,  not that I’ve ever seen anyone in any one of these bars anyway, but, if and until these bars are closed down, let’s boycott them in favor of a live music venue.




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