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Looks like we survived another night fleeing normalcy and the usual la-dee-da.   Upright, but stumbling through back alleys fueled by raw energy, coffee, beer, adrenaline, existential fumes, greeted at each turn with a mixed bag of olfactory expressions– exotic spices, fried something-or-others, over-stuffed dumpsters, sweat and urine– and a cacophony of impromptu sidewalk bands with makeshift instruments braying for attention.  A million perfect moments, like glittering sun diamonds dancing across the waves of time.


The point being, SxSW is in full swing.  And I for one am already exhausted.  I’m not used to staying up til 3 am, dealing with some overly exuberant, insane, skizzing and geeking love beggar who decided he wanted to come home with me.   I don’t blame him.  I’m pretty cool in some circles.  But after he sprinted wildly into traffic on Congress Avenue and sat balls up in front of a moving pedicab, things got a little out of hand, and after some gentle persuasion from one of our crew he cast his swimming eyes in another direction.

But that was later.  The evening started with promise.  Despite the countless out-of-town acts, we decided to check in on local fav Bob Schneider playing an energetic set at Threadgills.


A couple of Fancy margaritas and Dale’s Ales later, we were swaying and stomping near the front, satisfied that this was as good as it gets.   How lucky are we to have this talented musician and songwriter with world class chops doing his thing here in A town?   Well, see for yourself in this unauthorized but conscientiously respectful video of Bob doing a new twist on a few of his pieces.  I mean, really, Bob, you don’t mind a little free promo do you?  We ain’t selling anything but love on this site and all that cost is attention.

In other words, it’s time to pay attention.  This is Bob’s Town, after all.

Click on this link to hear a small sampling….

Bob Schneider Live at Threadgills

See you out in it tomorrow night!





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