The Libtards Podcast has arrived!

That’s right fine citizens of the world, The Libtards Podcast has arrived.  Sit back, open a bottle of your favorite beverage and listen to a couple of aging Austin Progressives toss back a few and talk about politics.  Invite the entire family around your device of choice and join us each wednesday at 2pm for political commentary, debate, interviews and a story or two.

Our first episode is is called Dingo Baby, because if you think about it…A DINGO TOOK OUR BABY!  That is, if the Baby represents American Civil Liberties and the Dingo had an orange wispy toupe’.  This conversation is NOT a recap of the news, hardcore journalism or a screaming call to arms.  The hosts strive for in depth discussion based in history, philosophy, knowable facts, all sprinkled with snowflakes and bullshit.

Please enjoy episode One of The Libtards Podcast:  Dingo Baby