What the hell is a mockast? We’re glad you asked because we made the fucking thing up. Yep, you saw it here first folks. And before it is widely copied and as popular as Instagram or Facebook or White Bread, we are inviting you to join us on the ground floor, the basement really, ok, maybe more like a cabin on the titanic. But at least we’ll be together. A mockast is a mock audio broadcast of a scheduled televised event. We will inform you of the time and channel in advance and you the audience will tune in to the sporting event, old movie, debate or whatever the hell we happen to feel like mocking and you click on our live audio feed and allow us to accompany you as mockasters on your television experience. It will be exactly like we are sitting in your living room watching the show with you, except we won’t be eating any of your food, mooching your alcohol or dropping a deuce in your guest bathroom. In fact, the only part of us that will physically be in the room with you is our mellifluent voices.

So drop out, tune in and gear up for AAG’s World premier Mockasts. Coming to a living room near you!


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