Drummer Dots - SxSW 2012
Free Music - SxSW 2012
Hollie Thomas - SxSW 2012
Don't Pay Your Taxes - SxSW 2012
Home Slice Alley
Huts Hamburgers Austin Texas
By Any Means Necessary - Bassman - Home Slice Alley
6th Street - SxSW 2012
Home SLice Alley - nude
French Fry Kid
Fifteen Seconds of Fame - SxSW 2012
Kinda Blue - SxSW 2012
Green Hair - SxSW 2012
Mohawk SXSW
Town Lake Austin Texas
Werewolf Fiddler - SxSW 2012
Fine Food Austin Tx
6th street balcony - SxSW 2012
Junk Car
Best Wurst - SxSW 2012

The Libtards Podcast has arrived!

That's right fine citizens of the world, The Libtards Podcast has arrived.  Sit back, open a bottle of your favorite beverage and listen to a couple of aging Austin Progressives toss back a few and talk about politics.  Invite the entire family … [Read More...]


We're baaaaa-aaack! Some things never change, like that stupid expression.  But mostly things change all the time. I just changed my mind about that last sentence.  Life is change.  Two quarters and a penny are change.   We have changed.  You … [Read More...]

Bob’s Town

Looks like we survived another night fleeing normalcy and the usual la-dee-da.   Upright, but stumbling through back alleys fueled by raw energy, coffee, beer, adrenaline, existential fumes, greeted at each turn with a mixed bag of olfactory … [Read More...]

Tripping Over Hidden Treasures

Great Gilded Gift Horse, our beloved fellow Austinites sure do turn into a bunch of whiny diaper-munchers with half-empty sippy cups at this time of year. "Ohhhh, it's so crowded!" "Traffic is terrible" "Who are all these people?" "My … [Read More...]

A Piss Perfect Evening

Chillaxing with old and new friends at Icenhauer's on Rainey Street, when Ree-chard shows up on an injured bicycle. "One of my pedals just fell off."   He held up the severed bike wrist like a trophy. We  settled into a chummy hubbub of … [Read More...]

The Ghost of Ivory Ghost

The ghost of a ghost becomes alive again, right? Like multiplying two negative numbers? There were no negative numbers on May 12, where the death of the Ghost was an all-the-way live experience at the Sahara Lounge *. Some of those in the … [Read More...]

Film Review: Bernie

Texas Black Humor.  I like it.  “Bernie” weaves the deep, sleepy, insular, self-observed culture of small-town East Texas with the drama of civility, self-promotion and manners and the ramp-up to a murder that united the town of Carthage, Texas … [Read More...]

What Fits In Your Vagina?

There were many signs that resonated with me at the Unite Against the War on Women rally on Saturday at the Texas State Capitol, but perhaps the most poignant one read: "I Can't BELIEVE I'm STILL PROTESTING this SHIT!" As a child of the sixties who … [Read More...]

Disguise is Falling

First thing I did this morning was shine my shoes.  It set the tone for the entire day.  I remembered an old tin of Kiwi that had been sitting under the sink since forever and pulled a tattered poplin shirt off a hanger and went to town rubbing and … [Read More...]

White Hole Black Hole

Nobody can tell you exactly where that line is. You have to draw it yourself. But I can tell you this … You should probably forgive yourself about almost everything. You are likely a good person and you're needlessly worried that you're not. … [Read More...]

The Latest Buzz Around Town

  It was just after midnight when the effects of the Kava finally wore off.    I’d taken my first sip of this rooty beverage from a half coconut shell around noon, quickly followed by a second and third bowl, the recommended dosage.  I hadn’t … [Read More...]

Treasure Island Raided By Feds

Talk about poetic justice.  A whole slew of really crappy bars on and around sixth street just got raided by the feds, the Austin Chronicle reported on Thursday, March 22.  Feds Raid Sixth Street Bars for money laundering.  Apparently the owners, … [Read More...]

Apple Claus is Coming To Town

The Austin city council approved on Thursday a performance-based grant worth as much as $8.6 million for Apple's proposed plans to expand its offices and create as many as 3,600 new jobs in the city.   See Story: Apple Invests In Austin.  Our … [Read More...]

SXSW: The Ride Goes Upside Down

SXSW staggered in this year like a drunken bear in a mosh pit; tossed us upside down inside out chewed us up and spit us out on the pavement like a day old chaw of wacky tobacky.  Do they even make that?  If they do, I’m sure someone was chewing it … [Read More...]

Jack Black Whacked

He was just sitting there. At Freebird's World Burrito on South Congress. What happened next is anybody's guess. Really. Anybody. I had seen him in Austin before. Last Fall at ACL Fest I was sitting in front of Chuy's and he hopped … [Read More...]

Duck Duck Goose

This is no child's game. It holds the secret to the meaning of life. It is everything. And nothing. It rules! … [Read More...]

SX Unlocked – an app for finding Free Shows!

So many great things happening at SxSW this year that I very nearly forgot to plug this terrific app for finding all of the free shows. If you go with the paid version, it will automatically RSVP you in to free parties. One evening of free booze will … [Read More...]

Maiko Over

When we decided to do food & brew reviews on this site, we knew from the get-go that we were going to bring in some thoroughbred expertise - and to that end we have a surprise coming soon for you! But we also knew we would kick in some bareback … [Read More...]

Britney’s Bacon Wrapped Pickle Spears

As you know, we LOVE the whole idea of trailer food. In Austin, you can find surprisingly high-quality food in trailers all over town. There are, however, some notable exceptions: And if Deep-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Pickle Spears in Viscous … [Read More...]

Homeless Routers at SXSW

SXSW is in full swing and already a national controversy, nay, a broohaha (note to self:  start a brew pub called BREWHAHA) was ignited when Bartle Bogle Hegarty had the ingenious idea to pay homeless people $20 to become human hotspots.   Our … [Read More...]

Introducing Film and Art Critic Phillip Poplin

New Kid on the Block Phillip Poplin will join Austin Above Ground as resident Film and Art Critic.  Phillip is a painter, provocateur, historian, art and movie critic and a local Austin Attorney to boot.  Homeboy's got both hemispheres working on … [Read More...]

iPhone app for Austin Food Carts

It's free. I think that is a primary criteria for determining whether to install an iPhone app, isn't it? Haven't put this through its real world paces yet but it seems super easy and lets you know which of these food carts are closest to where you … [Read More...]

So Thong, Leslie. 1952-2012

Austin lost some of it's weirdness today.   Leslie Cochran was - IS! -  an Austin icon.  Rode into Austin from Atlanta in 1996 on a tricycle, after a year of pedaling.   He was Austin's most famous dude with boobs.  He ran for mayor of Austin three … [Read More...]


Someday is an all out assault on your subconscious. Appearances notwithstanding, this sublime music video will leave your integrity intact. You could literally bring a giant projector and show this on a big screen in church on Sunday and dare anyone … [Read More...]

Utopia Above Ground

In true AustinAboveGround style, this coverage of UtopiaFest has more introductions than actual reporting, but does include some great pics of the festival. Get out your booger kazoos and jump on the Road to Utopia! To view Full Screen, roll your … [Read More...]


ACL is Austin's premier Music event. Videotaping is strictly forbidden. So none of this video was taped by us. We found this footage stuck to a dying hobo's wooden leg that he removed to try and sell to raise money for a liver transplant. Sadly, he … [Read More...]

Wilco Backdrop Video – Burlesque Carousel

During South-by-Southwest 2011 there was a carousel set up downtown for what seemed like a single night. It was a typical Austin stumble-upon - like magic - under a nearly full moon. Uncrowded and relaxed, in the middle of an otherwise chaotic and … [Read More...]

Wilco Backdrop Video – Austin’s Bat Cow

BatCow hanging from the Congress/Ann Richards bridge is about as good of a single visual to represent Austin as I can imagine. Having it hover above Wilco as they play in the ACL theater is about as appropriate a staging for an Austin concert as any … [Read More...]

Wilco Video Backdrop – SoCo

The South Congress (SoCo) area of Austin has been a hotspot for showing off the town's funkiness for some time. From the upscale trendiness of the South Congress Cafe to a deer-rendering business from a different era only a couple of blocks down, … [Read More...]